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Gamatec s.r.o

Our company operates on the market of light mechanical engineering production and trade. We primarily deal with non-standard piece and small-series manufacture from thin sheet metals and thin-sided sections. Process of executing specific order is based on long-time experiences with construction and production of cabs, bonnets, machine and device coverings. We offer complex services - from constructional solution design to final realization. We're specialists on deliveries in short delivery time, we offer experiences, swiftness, flexibility and innovative thinking. We work with respect to environment and customers and with reasonable expenses.

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What can we offer to you?

We have comprehensive services in the field of light mechanical engineering to offer. We deliver complete sets, weldments, individual parts or trade goods - always with taking all responsibilities of the complex design, production and logistic process. We concentate on deliveries in short delivery time, our products are delivered in top quality of manufacturing, surface finishing including careful packaging and required documentation.

Our company's processes and progress of our products are followed by high quality standard ISO9001:2008. Technical department of our company will help you with design, technology and production optimization. You can also take Prototype manufacturing for granted.

Manufacturing policy of our company is set on small-series production. Major products are thin sheet metals and thin-sided sections, we weld steel. We co-operatively ensure surface finishing powder and wet lacquering, electroplating and heatplating with zinc for our products.


In our department for plastics are created special products of polyurethane and silicone by customer's order. Advantage of this custom production is low-expense preparation and fast reaction time on your demands.

We are sales representative of the Italian company SPAL and business partner of the Italian company PRIMA on the Czech market. SPAL is the world's biggest manufacturer of air ventilators and PRIMA is world's leading manufacturer of air conditioner vents for car industry.

Our sales department provides personal customer service, offers open communication and easy solution of your demands and needs. Feel free to contact with non-standard requests. We can ensure commonly unavailable spare parts and operatively solve your urgent difficulties, for example unexpected supply failure.

We'll be your reliable and long-term partner who will be available when you need it. We bring your ideas to life.



I'm pleased to welcome you to GAMATEC Ltd. website

Company's history starts in 2005 as a result of my design engineer's activity since 1995. I worked on many products for various spheres as a self-reliant development design engineer not only in Czech republic. I started from scratch with classic design board work, continued with 2D drawing in AutoCAD and making models in first versions of ProENGINEER.

After these years of practice I've gathered complete constructional documentation for motley types of products which many of them are successfully exported to the rest of the world - adjustable assembly jigs and tables, single-purpose testing machines, bar tap devices, hospital bed tables, shipping pallets for automotive industry, shaping machine grinder, payment terminals, cabs and bonnets of agricultural and building machines, heat line heaters and modular air conditioner aggregates, special modifications for truck trailers and many more.

Today's success of our small company stands on team of experienced and reliable people. We design, solve, weld, assemble, supply... Our goal is still the same - with active attitude and fair work put into our products quality, novelty and add even something more. We simply work with our heads and hands. To every customer we offer individual and longterm partnership based on mutual knowledge and trust. If you're interested in mutual co-operation, we're here for you.

Radek Joudal – Company Executive